All about Keratin
Todo sobre la queratina

All about Keratin 2023
What is keratin?

Keratin has a very close relationship with our hair, because it is a protein that is in hair strands. We can also find it in nails and skin.
Keratin becomes fundamental when it comes to the desire of hair with excellent color and shine because it is responsible for providing it.

Two types of keratin

Sweet keratin: this is an epidermis; Keratinocytes are the type of cells.
More abundant leather.
Hard keratin: We find it in the hair and nails. As its name says,
Solid protein that gives strength and stability to hair and nails,
Both are formed mainly by this protein.

How does keratin work?

To make it clearer what we said at the beginning, keratin works when the small molecules of this protein penetrate into the hair and nails.
Cut the hair and improves its inner quality with which
You get more resistance, more elasticity, softness and shine. In a word, restructuring.
This level of restructuring you only get with the procedures.
Corrections based on Corutina, as they are specifically designed to
Repairing damaged hair with chemical processes or environmental impact.


There are different products that have the main function to restore.
We have analyzed what are the advantages of keratin:

1. Improve the condition of hair that receives chemically.
2. Improve the shine, color and texture.
3. Restore vitality and hydration.
4. You will get the hair with better elasticity and damage resistant.
5. Helps to restore amino acids and nutrients.
6. Restoring dry spikes and damaged hair with thermal instruments.

What is it and how does it work? The advantages of hair with keratin

In the locker, we have different products that contain such as head Active Keratin. For the hair is very offended and extremely damaged by the processes, you must use the amino keratin treatment. You will find a set with shampoo, bulbs and silicone. We recommend that you complete the cream mask treatment. These products are specifically designed to limit your hair.

Keratin wishushis. Many harmful chemicals, such as formals for which adhere to keratin. You should be very careful with these products, as they do.
The chemical formula with which they manage to seal the hair sinking in Formol its demineralizes that killed it, leaving it soft. You get the picture of your hair.
In conclusion, you should make sure your stylist does not use AllLack with Formol, because your hair can be very damaged. So you have an idea about damaged, in the United States, anything that contains formaldehyde.
Instead, there are products for a constant area that replaces. This ingredient for others that are not aggressive to the hair and more.
An example of these products straightened first an attractive cream for all hair types that does not contain formal (act with thioglycolite ammonium) and added to keratin, which
has a function to enhance each strand from the outside to protect it during the alation process.

Now that you know the advantages, feel free to use amino.

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