What is minoxidil? Definition.

It is a vasodilator pharmaceutical product that can be purchased without a prescription, which promotes the stimulation of our hair and prevents baldness. It is one of the most used products to reduce alopecia in men and women.

It is always advisable that a doctor specialized in this capillary matter advises us if this product is necessary in our case and the possible consequences that we may have if we use it in a bad way.

They are available in topical or oral form in pills. With a percentage of 5% of this product allowed in the sale by pharmacies.

How to apply minoxidil? 2022

Steps to use minoxidil

To know how to apply minoxidil to the hair, it is applied to the scalp in liquid form. It is generally used twice a day. Doses higher than recommended will not increase hair growth or make the product work faster and may cause more serious side effects. You should use it alone for at least 4 months and possibly up to 1 year before you notice any effect.
The product comes with three special sprays: a metered spray for large areas of the scalp, an extended spray (for use with the metered spray) for small areas or under the hair and a circular spray. Remove the outer and inner canister covers, locate the fastener and place it securely in the canister. To use the extension nozzle, first assemble the 1 m nozzle, then follow the instructions that come with the extension nozzle. Spray pump or nebulizer with extension, 6 times per dose. Try not to inhale the aerosol.
When not in use, place the large cap on the spray bottle or the small cap on the sprayer extension nozzle. To use the applicator, hold the container upright and apply pressure until the top chamber of the penis is filled with the black stripe. Then turn the bottle upside down and remove the medication. Cover the large box when not in use.
If you apply the product with your fingertips, wash it off afterwards. Use only when your hair and scalp are dry. Do not apply to other parts of the body and keep away from eyes and sensitive skin. If the product accidentally comes into contact with these areas, rinse the area thoroughly with fresh water; talk to your doctor if you experience any irritation.

Minoxidil price

The prices of this product are around 20-25€ in bottles of 240 ml.

Does minoxidil work? What is it good for?

The answer is minoxidil is good for hair, eyebrows or beard. Although at present, it is still not 100% clear how it works. Many people have shown that it prolongs the hair growth phase and shortens the resting period, which means it stops hair loss.
Thanks to vasodilation, it can even grow hair where there has not been before. Results are usually seen within 4 to 6 months after application. The treatment of alopecia areata can be observed after one month. But we must take or use this product for life, because if we stop using it, the hair that we have regenerated and the hair that had not fallen out will fall out, so we can see a very severe rebound effect when we stop using it.

Pros and cons of minoxidil 2022

Advantages or benefits of minoxidil

It is very effective and it is estimated that 66% of men who have tried it have had good results.

Consequences of minoxidil. Contraindications and side effects

It should not be used if you have any allergy to this product, have pheochromocytoma or if your hair falls out unusually when applying the product. It is best to have it checked by your doctor. It may give some irritation, burning or leave the skin dry.

Before and after using minoxidil

Below, you will see pictures of the use of this product.

minoxidil tratamiento para la alopecia

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