Infantile Alopecia
Infantile Alopecia

Infantile alopecia

What is infantile alopecia? Definition 2023.

Alopecia in children or baldness in children occurs when they are under 14 years old, not only in the elderly, but children can also suffer from it. More than 85% of the cases of hair loss in children are incurable and acquired.

As a rule, it is not associated with any disease or illness, but may have negative psychological consequences for the person concerned or may be due to a genetic problem in relatives.

Alopecia areata in children and adults is an autoimmune disease in which the body itself is responsible for changing the growth of hair follicles over the course of a year, creating some uninhabited areas in your hair.

What causes childhood alopecia?

The most common causes in Western countries are ringworm, telogen effluvium and trichotillomania.

In the case of a child with hair loss, it is important to resolve them quickly and easily, which is key to obtain an accurate diagnosis. We need to pay attention to its characteristics, and determine whether it is scarring, i.e. cystic or non-scarring destruction, congenital or acquired, and finally local or diffuse.

Scarring alopecia can be the result of defects in the child’s development, such as infections with severe inflammatory lesions, severe physical trauma, radiation, infiltrative diseases and other skin diseases such as lichen planus.
On the other hand, scleroderma or discoid lupus, which are fortunately rare in childhood, do not occur in a large number of cases.

They may also be genetic, pathological or metabolic changes that have recurred in recent years due to dietary changes. Hair loss and hair disorders are very common causes in children.

Childhood alopecia treatment 2023

  • Healthy lifestyle. In this case, for example, the practice of sports and a good diet is essential for the child’s health.
  • Non-damaging combs. Since we are doing damage to our hair when combing, this is very important in order not to pull out our hair.
  • The shampoo is a bit strong. We should look for a more suitable one.
  • Reduce the number of washes. Everything both in excess and in defect is bad for our hair.
  • Natural masks. How to include vitamins to strengthen growth.
    Aloe Vera plant. You can buy it in any natural store, herbalists or places that have plants.

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