How to know if I have hair problems


What is alopecia?

Alopecia or baldness is a disease that causes a progressive loss of hair for certain physical or chemical reasons that lead to hair loss. Therefore, we lose hair density and have less hair. We detect alopecia when we have a large percentage of hair follicles in the anagen phase (this is bad) and in the telogen phase. We should have a healthy stability of our hairs in the catagen phase.

Alopecia in people

Anyone can lose hair and have sudden baldness on the head, and each one has a specific reason. So we recommend you to follow our indications to improve your alopecia.

Alopecia treatments 2023

There are many products on the market for baldness, but not all of them work and act well on our body. We advise you the best products to prevent hair loss and to control your baldness. In addition, we show you the types of hair transplants that exist and the best in quality-price.

Baldness Solutions

Total baldness, we have practically no remedy to recover all the lost hair, so we find in the market different solutions to mitigate and disguise baldness or generate greater density in our hair.

Home remedies for alopecia 2023

We have managed to improve the health of our hair with these remedies for baldness, with natural and homemade treatments, so you can do it at home in a natural and easy way. Below, we show you the best recipes.

Types of alopecia

We find many types in women and men, so we are going to detail all of them and see what may be your problem. This way we will be able to find a solution urgently to treat it. The most common types are alopeciaareata and androgenetic alopecia, which is also called common baldness.

Degrees of alopecia

There are people who only have baldness or hair loss in one part with different degrees and in different parts of the body. And in occasional cases, we have detected people with problem of a bald spot on the head, on the crown of the head, bald spots and in rare cases a bearded alopecia areata. So we can find:

Causes of alopecia

All hair loss, has a number of causes, and those that we show you your alopecia causes below, because they all have a solution, both for a female hair loss or for men, such as for example and very rarely a nervous alopecia.

Reasons for alopecia

The causes may be derived from:

Physical reasons.

As it could be due to hormonal reasons or stress, such as work or family problems. In addition, we can find it in blood tests with our doctor, and we see that we are low in vitamins or minerals such as having zinc deficiency, low levels of vitamin D, B1 or thiamine, B2 or riboflavin, B3 or niacin, B5 or pantothenic acid, B6 or pyridoxine, B7 or biotin, B12 or cobalamin.

Chemical reasons

If we take any medication or excessive use of drugs such as tobacco or other drugs, which causes us to lose hair occasionally. In this case it is best to contact our dermatologist, so that he/she can individually review your case and indicate the specific reason or tell you the medications that are harming you.

Genetic reasons

Our hair follicle, which is the part that covers and nourishes the hair in a hereditary way (especially in men in the upper capillary part), secretes a hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone which is responsible for weakening the hair, so the more DHT we have, the more hair we will lose and faster.

Symptoms of alopecia

Large hair loss. You can detect it as when you wash your hair falls out too much, or when you get out of bed, your pillow has hairs that you have lost.
Dandruff or oil. It causes hair loss in women and men because it does not allow the hair follicle to breathe and is gradually destroyed. In this case, it is easy to solve with an anti-oil or anti-dandruff shampoo. This will prevent hair loss.

Acne on parts of the body. This symptom causes a skin disorder such as pimples, whiteheads or white spots. So it is easy to detect this reason and look for a treatment for hair loss in women or men by going to our dermatologist to verify it.

In conclusion, we have been able to teach you how to detect your type of baldness and stop hair loss due to adolescence or infection and its causes, in which there are many reasons and circumstances such as severe alopecia, it can also lead to retrograde alopecia. All types of hair loss have a solution even if it is androgenic or chronic alopecia, it is best to go to a doctor specializing in skin and hair, such as a dermatologist and tell you what is the best solution with medication or transplantation for the most severe cases of tractional alopecia.

Also, celebrities like Naomi Campbell alopecia, has suffered causes of baldness and we have detected that it is not contagious, as it can be inherited from a relative of ours, giving cases of congenital triangular so it is not generalized or felogenic.

Baldness can cause head loss in both sexes, although the most severe form in women can be affected by disease, stress or menopause. In most cases, baldness is based on family history, according to some studies, although it can also be accelerated by unhealthy lifestyle habits, pollution and stress.