Hair Mesotherapy
Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

What is hair mesotherapy? Hair mesotherapy is a biostimulating treatment.

It is a biostimulating treatment that, thanks to subcutaneous microinjections, biologically activates hair cells in a completely painless way, reverses the contraction of hair follicles, while increasing the thickness and growth of hair.
It nourishes the scalp, increases hair density and growth and helps prevent hair loss. It promotes hair regeneration and growth and is a very beneficial option without risk to the patient.

Hair mesotherapy when results are seen

Results can be seen after 4 months of treatment. You have to be constant and not give up on good results.

The frequency varies from once to twice a week and the duration of the initial hair treatment is 3 months. Maintenance sessions can be done every 15 days or 1 month for 3 additional months.

Hair mesotherapy prices 2023

Prices range between 50€ per session and upwards, depending on the clinic we go to or the type of doctor who applies it.

Where do I have hair mesotherapy?

It is performed only by qualified and experienced doctors and nurses. Depending on the types of clients and each person’s problem, and the patient’s specific condition, a type of micronutrient mixture is selected for the hair injection procedure. As a general rule, injections of vitamins, hair amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and other growth stimulants are used.

Pros and cons of capillary mesotherapy 2023

Advantages or benefits of capillary mesotherapy

The first method is said to be the most requested by those who have experienced hair loss in the past and is based on the prevention of hair loss. It is one of the best hair care methods available today. Second is nourishing the scalp and making sure it contains what it needs. Third will be promoting hair growth, and lastly fourth and not least stimulating hair growth.

Disadvantages or consequences of hair mesotherapy

Pain in the area, slight inflammation, some slight burns, bruising at the injection site of the substance, itching, possible stains on the skin of the treatment area. Before and after a hair mesotherapy, we must take the care recommended by our hair doctor.

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