Hair Graft in Madrid
Hair Graft in Madrid

Hair graft in Madrid

What is hair grafting in Madrid?

Hair grafting in Madrid is within reach of any European citizen, since it has a great airport and train communications that connect the capital of Spain with all of Europe. The graft by surgical intervention is necessary to obtain the best result. The technique currently applied is hair transplantation with micrografts. Hair transplant technology has improved significantly in recent years, to the point that it can be said that it has already reached a stage of maturity, which allows to obtain completely natural results.

Hair transplant price Madrid

The price of hair grafting in Madrid, usually ranges between 4,000€ and 6,000€. Depending on the experience and reputation of the doctor who will operate. The good thing is that if we come to this city to operate, we can take advantage of the trip to visit the beautiful city, so we will amortize the price in the best way.

Pros and cons of hair grafting in Madrid

  • You have to travel to Madrid.
  • You have the doctor or nurse physically for any problem.
  • They have the best prices and offers compared to other European capitals, resulting in a fairly cheap price.
  • They speak mainly in Spanish and, coincidentally, English.
  • We have a guarantee of the operation and the follicles transplanted.
  • You can have the operation without having to shave your head.

Madrid is one of the most popular destinations for hair transplant operations, as Spain has one of the countries with the most baldness problems. On the one hand, for the money they give better, because the prices are usually cheaper, and on the other hand, great doctors with great experience and the fruit of decades of experience. Therefore, they create a great relief after the operation.

After the hair transplant, the patient must rest for 24 hours and must take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for 4 days. Physical recovery is quick and painless, and a variety of postoperative care regimens should be followed for optimal survival of the implanted cysts. From the first week of hair transplantation, the transplanted follicles gradually fall out and over the next two weeks the appearance of the recipient area is very similar to what it was before surgery.

Before and after hair transplant in Madrid. Results

Photos and images of the best reviews of hair transplant clinics in Madrid.

imagenes antes y despues injerto capilar

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