Hair Graft in Barcelona
Hair Graft in Barcelona

Hair graft in Barcelona

What is hair grafting in Barcelona?

Barcelona is within the reach of any citizen, since it has excellent airport lines, roads where you can easily go by car and trains. Hair transplant operations can be performed on both men and women. More than the gender of the person, it is important to know if the patient is a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery. Your dermatologist will advise you according to your individual characteristics.

Hair transplant price Barcelona

The price of hair grafting in Barcelona, is between 3,000€ and 7,000€, approximately the same as in the rest of Spain. Prices will vary depending on what we hire as the pre and post follow-up of the operation, treatments included or not for greater hair regeneration or the experience of the surgeon who is going to operate. It is recommended to travel the day before the operation and spend 1 or 2 extra nights, so our price may increase depending on what we need.

Pros and cons of hair grafting in Barcelona

  • You have to travel to Barcelona.
  • The best prices and offers with an adjustment of the amount finally cheap from the clinics where we operate.
  • It is spoken mainly in Spanish, but many clinics can speak only in Catalan and, coincidentally, English.
  • It is not an essential requirement to shave your head, so we can operate with our long hair.
  • The microneedles are 1mm so the result is imperceptible compared to natural hair. This improvement in technique and results has motivated many to have this treatment. These scalpels leave small holes that heal in approximately 7 days. In fact, these are a lot of small wounds but they are not noticeable once they have healed.

So, after the procedure, the patient can go home and resume normal activities, always being careful to avoid direct contact with the transplanted area because the transplanted cysts can separate. In the first few days some minor head injuries will appear, so it would be a good idea to take a few days off or work from home. During the first 2 days, the effects of the local anesthetic may cause facial swelling. After 3 days, the dislocation scars heal and after the first week or 10 days the appearance is almost normal.

Before and after hair grafting in Barcelona. Results

Images by the best hair transplant clinics in Barcelona.

imagenes antes y despues injerto capilar

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