Fuss technique
Fuss technique

Fuss technique

What is the fuss technique? Definition.

Also called fuss technique, it is a hair implant operation in which we cut a piece of flesh, which will be the donor area, the hairs are extracted from the cut skin to be grafted later in the recipient area that the client wants to cover the baldness or alopecia. The strip is up to 20 cm long, so we will have a big scar on our head forever, although our hair will cover it a little, if we have long hair.

Fuss technique or strip price

The price is similar to the FUE technique, ranging from 2,000 euros to 7,000 euros. Always each patient has different circumstances and may need two interventions doubling this price if necessary or if you want to repopulate more of the recipient area with alopecia. Each country has its own prices, these prices are oriented in the clinics of Spain in an approximate average.

Does the fuss or strip technique work? For what it serves.

Of course it works. If you have strictly followed the postoperative recommendations to the intervention and have followed the mandatory and necessary cures. Within 1 year, you will see visible results with an improvement of your baldness.

Pros and cons of the fuss or strip technique

It is advisable to have rested 1 full day. During the first 14 days after surgery, exercise should be avoided. You should limit going out to the sea during the first month and, of course, the use of UV cabins of ultraviolet rays, as it is strictly forbidden.
Hair washing is quite expensive and delicate. You should avoid touching where you have the grafted hairs, at least for several weeks until the follicle is fixed and adjusted in the new donor area.

Which is better Fuss or was?

The implant by FUSS is shorter in operation time than FUE technique, because the implants are manufactured in strips. FUE is more precise, longer in the operation that goes up to 7-8 hours because it does not leave traces, wounds or scars and the work is more laborious. So finally, the best transplant is FUE because it is cheap and with the best deals, both for the price and the most natural and less harmful method for the patient.

Before and after using the fuss or strip technique

Images after the surgery and its results.

imagenes antes y despues injerto capilar

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