Fue technique
Fue technique

Fue technique

What is the fue technique? Definition.

The fue technique or hair transplant is a manual operation by a non-invasive extraction of follicular units by a specialized doctor. It is also called was capillary method, by which the hair follicles are extracted on the donor area after shaving or shaving the part where they are to be extracted, with the use of anesthesia so that it does not hurt.

Only one circular incision of approximately 0.5 to 1.0 millimeter in diameter is made with the micro scalpel. Subsequently, these minimal incisions are made in the receiving area and the follicles are inserted so that in the following months, they will grow again but in the new receiving area. It leaves no scars and no stitches. It is practically a visually undetectable implant. It is the best method for hair grafting was, being able to use the option of sapphire or microfue.

Technique was price

This type of operation is around 4,000 euros to 8,000 euros in Spain. And a maximum of 4,000 to 5,000 follicular units are implanted in an intervention during the 6-8 hours of operation.

Does the technique work? What is it good for?

If it works, it is one of the most used currently with 90% and with the lowest possible cost and damage in the operation. It is performed by a human staff and the operation lasts about 6 hours.

The transplanted follicles will begin their natural growth cycle and within six months, the new transplanted hairs will begin to change the appearance of the scalp as a result. One year after the operation, the results are complete.

It is better than the FUSS technique. It is especially suitable for those who want to wear their hair short, avoid scars or do not want to undergo a more aggressive procedure.

Pros and cons of the technique was

  • It is a long operation that can take up to 8 hours, since it is performed by doctors or specialized nurses hair by hair.
  • It is the one that generates the best results, since it is the one that least damages the skin and has the best healing.
  • It is one of the most economical, with better deals and cheap depending on each clinic or medical center.
  • It is not necessary to shave the recipient area as in the past.
    Natural result for the patient.
  • If you have long hair like women, you must shave the donor area, as it is necessary to extract the hair follicles.

Before and after using the technique was

Images after the operation.

imagenes antes y despues injerto capilar

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