Dhi technique
Dhi technique

Dhi technique

What is the dhi technique? Definition.

The dhi transplantation or previously called clamp or stick & place. It has very good results, since they are grafted later when extracted without having to take them to a culture area as in the technique was. A maximum of 3,000 dhi grafts can be achieved in dhi hair transplantation.

In this method with Choi Pen or also called Choi Implanter we obtain a survival of the follicles with their hairs to a greater extent than other techniques. In addition, we get a little less blood loss in the operation and a shorter recovery time.

Technique dhi price

In Spain, it is around 5,000 euros depending on the doctor who performs it. It all depends on the client and the grafts needed in the donor area.

It is more expensive and is especially recommended in case of hair loss in patches or localized, and not when it is necessary to cover large areas of the scalp.

So this implant may be more expensive, compared to the others and does not fit our needs.

Does the dhi technique work? What is it for.

The changes will be seen within 5 months after surgery. After 13 months the hair will be 100% healed and our hair will have grown and thickened.

If we complement it with a treatment such as PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, we will see the results in less time. Also, hair mesotherapy is a good treatment.

Pros and cons of the dhi technique

It is cheap, and has the best prices. We get less time in the operation and bleed less. With a better life for our grafts, so it will be very natural. The number of grafts is limited with this technique, not exceeding 3,000 UF.

It uses a local anesthetic. Non surgical, painless and without hospitalization. It is not necessary to scrape the landing zone. Higher density can be given. It has greater precision and accuracy. The scalp and surrounding follicles are barely intact. It is not necessary to use scalpel to open the canals but the cysts settle so that the wound is smaller and leaves no scarring. With implantation, controlling the angle of inclination, depth and direction of the canal becomes easier and more comfortable. Patients can lead a normal life sooner due to better healing. Natural and permanent finish.

Before and after using the dhi technique

Images after the operation and its results.

imagenes antes y despues injerto capilar


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