Conventional artas robot
Conventional artas robot

Conventional artas robot

What is conventional robot artas? Definition.

It displays images in digital format with a very high resolution to analyze and identify each hair follicle. Its robot offers superior speed and precision compared to other manual technologies. In addition, it displays the scalp surface in three dimensions (3D) with micrometer resolution.

Conventional artas robot price

Its price exceeds 5,000 euros for the operation. Since the device is very expensive. The medical team is less, since it can be done by a single doctor without having to have so many nurses. In the long term, it can be a good option, if another technique does not offer you the best or cheapest prices.

Does the conventional artas robot work? What is it for.

If we complement it with a treatment such as PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, we will see results in less time. Also, hair mesotherapy is a good treatment.

The changes will be visible within half a year after the medical intervention. After 1 year, 100% of the hair will be healed and everything will have healed. Hair transplantation is a good treatment to eliminate baldness or any type of alopecia.

Pros and cons of the conventional robot artas

Hair can be removed without leaving a visible scar for the patient. This is made possible by innovative technology that selectively pulls follicles from the donor area directly from the head. It has a great combination of robot technology. This is the most advanced system available to relax and enjoy long, silky hair. Extract thousands of hair units with excellent precision and consistency in a single session. The intelligent algorithm and patented anatomy system help preserve the most natural appearance of the patient’s donor area.

Before and after using the conventional artas robot

imagenes antes y despues injerto capilar


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