Artas iX robot
Artas iX robot

Artas iX robot

What is the artas iX robot? Definition.

This is a state-of-the-art robotic hair transplant. It has one of the best grafting successes and better operation time compared to other techniques. It is painless and invasive, since it has a great precision due to its robotic logic. It manages to extract more hair follicles for the recipient area in less time compared to a human person.

Robot artas iX price

This equipment is expensive. So the price varies greatly depending on the infrastructure that the clinic has and its budget to have better prices on the implant. On average, they can sell it for around 6,000 euros per operation.

This can be a good option in the long term, if some of the other methods they offer do not give you the best or cheapest rates.

Does the artas iX robot work? What is it good for.

Of course it works. This hair transplant process varies from person to person. To see visible and definitive results, it is necessary to wait almost 1 year.

These follicles will act like healthy hair and, therefore, will not fall out. In this way, the patient recovers not only his hair and image, but also, more importantly, his self-confidence and looks more beautiful.

Pros and cons of the artas iX robot

The best thing about this operation is that it is less damaging to the donor part. Hair transplantation techniques have evolved a lot and have given very good results. The hair grows back in the donor area after the hair transplant, let’s take a closer look at how the process works.
During the first few days you will have to give some basic care to both the implant and the implant site, such as washing it very gently, without rubbing or scratching it.

Before and after using the artas iX robot

imagenes antes y despues injerto capilar

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