Hair Grafting
Hair Grafting

Hair grafting

What is hair grafting? Definition 2023.

A hair graft or hair transplant is a surgery, of which we currently have many types, in which hair implants are performed in areas where we do not have hair follicles, and we transplant them from one place to another. What we achieve is to repopulate the hair where we do not have it, looking for a natural result and that the donor area is not left without follicles, as aesthetically we will look with bald spots if we abuse the follicular units extracted.

The grafted hair remains forever in the new donor area, and there will be a gap in the area that has not been the recipient. It can be done in different parts of the body such as the beard, eyebrows, entrances, crown, forehead or head.

Hair grafting when the results are seen

The results are seen after 6 months, when the new hair follicle is beginning to grow. You will see a great change after a year, since the hairs are already thickening in size and practically, you will see the almost definitive result after a few more months.

The results depend a lot on each person. Your level of scarring, your blood coagulation, the vitamins or drugs you take to strengthen the transplant and grow faster or if you are doing any complementary treatment such as PRP to achieve better results.

In both women and men, the time to see results is the same.

Hair grafting prices

It does not have a cheap price. The best prices can be obtained by searching in clinics that many people do not know, since the demand is lower and they are obliged to have very competitive prices in order to attract clients.

In Spain, prices usually range from 4,000€ to 10,000€ on average and depending on the follicular units needed by each patient, since there could be two operations if we need to transplant many follicles.

Types of hair grafts

There are many techniques to operate baldness. Here are some of the most used and the best to solve your hair problem.

Where can I have a hair graft?

The most famous and fashionable places where most transplants are performed are in the following places. In Spain and Turkey are the most requested and demanded at the moment.

Pros and cons of hair grafts 2023

Advantages or benefits of hair transplant

  • Long term remedy.
  • Increased self-esteem, so our stress and depression will decrease drastically.
  • No visible scars.
  • Younger appearance.
  • Natural appearance.
  • Eliminates baldness.
  • Low maintenance.

Disadvantages or consequences of hair grafting

The first days to sleep with the hair graft, you can not support the head to avoid pulling out the transplanted follicles. It is advisable a minimum of 15 days in which they are already fixed to the scalp.
You should avoid the sun, as it damages the transplanted follicles for up to a month.
The operation is very long, about 6 or 8 hours in the operating room.
Inflammation in the forehead for several days, until the anesthesia is completely eliminated.
High cost for the patient.
The results take from 6 months onwards to be seen.
You can cut your hair after the operation with clippers, from two months.

Before and after images of a hair transplant.

imagenes antes y despues injerto capilar

Hair graft before and after photos.


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