Hair Fibers
Hair Fibers

Hair fibers

What are hair fibers?

It is a hair redensifier or makeup that consists of small strands of keratin or hair fiber sticking to the hair, allowing the hair to thicken instantly and thus covering any case of hair loss for both men and women is effective. These microfibers are used for people who have at least some hair or little hair, because otherwise the product will not work and instead of completely masking the hair loss, it is more noticeable, so we need a minimum of hair to look natural.

que son las fibras capilares

Types of hair fibers 2023

  • Cellulose fibers. 
  • Natural fibers.
  • Vegetable fibers.
  • Wool fibers.

Hair fiber reviews

Opinions are good after its use, since these products are generally recommended by dermatologists so that people who undergo an anti-hair loss treatment or have some type of alopecia can disguise it. So this is a hair concealer to disguise baldness and we could say that it is a good treatment to eventually cover up our alopecia. The hair fiber is sought to be as natural as possible with the highest percentage of keratin and the lowest percentage of organic silicone, to avoid the use of chemical compounds and damage our hair.

The only bad thing is that we will have to be especially careful, in the summer season with the risk of going to the beaches and wet our hair fiber that we have applied, also as in swimming pools and the rest of the year if we do sports practicing any exercise that produces sweat.

Hair fibers price 2023

The prices will vary a lot depending on the different ones and if they are more natural with keratin or synthetic. The prices are between 10€ and 100€ on average. And they have a duration of the hair fiber approximately between 7 days and 60 days.

Hair fibers side effects

These micro fibers do not affect the health of the scalp or hair, so there are no side effects. Made from all-natural materials, they do not cause irritation or damage to the scalp. So they are not bad for the hair and we can even use it for beards and receding hairline. About other chemical hair fibers, if we could have side effects and we should communicate it to our dermatologist or specialized doctor.

On the other hand, after hair grafting, we should also communicate it to our doctor because we cannot obstruct the recovery of our hair transplant after the graft with shaved hair.

Hair fibers before and after

We must apply it correctly to hide bald areas and add density correctly to increase the volume of our hair.

fibras capilares antes y despues

For dry hair, apply directly to the roots all over the head. Let it dry completely before applying your tresses. Short haircuts can also use fibers to add some style if needed. Hide stray hair in seconds with strands of hair and stimulate hair growth. Get amazing volume and take care of your hair in the best way and restore the look of our hair in the most perfect way.

Hair fiber brands

Nanogen, Toppik, K Max, Mercadona, Amazon, Carrefour, Bodega Aurrera, Kmax, Redenhair, Vidalforce, Kapilab, Primor, Aliexpress, Alpel, Ebay, Farmacia, Fidentia, Inkafarma, Inoar, Loreal y Sally Beauty.

We will find cheap, permanent, natural, water resistant, black or dark brown, homemade or and without being damaged. You can also find keratin microfibers.

We can buy hair fibers in the above brands for hair fibers for sale to find the best hair fiber for hair. So, this is a great option to solve your baldness.

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