Frictional Alopecia
Frictional Alopecia

Frictional alopecia

What is friction alopecia? Definition 2023.

Frictional or rubbing alopecia happens when it creates a process of tension in the hair in some part of our body. The constant and forced pressure can cause hair loss.

Women are more prone to hair loss problems due to brushing, as they tend to have braids or ponytails.

What causes frictional alopecia?

Newborns can lose hair. This often occurs, especially in infants a few months old, from friction when moving their head on a hard surface where they are sleeping, eating or resting at the time. The hair grows back as soon as the baby starts to stand up. It is also known as friction alopecia or pressure alopecia. Excessive or constant stress can cause hair loss.

It starts with localized tightness, relief of hair loss or also as head pain at the end of the day, redness and itching on the side of the head.

Frictional alopecia treatment 2023

If this is your case, it is best not to pull out your hair. In conclusion, we would like to point out that there is a cure for traction alopecia and the treatments that can lead to its cure always start with an accurate diagnosis by a medical professional.
What we must do is to give our hair a break from any artificial hairstyle or behavior that may damage the scalp.
If we notice this baldness in time, we can restore the density of our hair by using natural products (such as natural skin firming masks and nourishing masks).
As a last option we have Minoxidil, but this is already a chemical drug and needs to be prescribed by an expert.
So, we must eliminate that friction, which makes us lose all that hair.

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