Finasteride or Finasterida

What is finasteride? Definition 2023.

This drug is used to treat the problems caused by hair loss in men, as well as to treat the symptoms of prostate cancer. This ingredient is for men, not for women. It is a steroid-derived anti-androgen. That said, it is used to block androgen receptors to prevent them from doing their job.

There are two other products on the market today called Propecia and Proscar, in which their chemical compound also uses Finasteride, so it is the latter product that is most effective.

How to apply finasteride?

Next, we will show you how to take finasteride.
It should be taken once a day on an empty stomach or with food. Take the product at the same times each day. You should follow the prescription instructions carefully and ask your doctor or pharmacy staff to explain anything you do not understand. Take the medication exactly as directed.

Finasteride price

The prices for this product, are around 35 € and enter a total of 30 to 360 pills increasing in price for a greater number of pills. So it is a rather expensive product and is not affordable for all patients.

How to buy Finasteride

It can be purchased directly in pharmacies. But it is necessary to use a prescription from a professional in order to buy it. It can be prescribed by a public or private doctor without any problem.
It can also be purchased in online stores authorized to sell this product. So you can buy the best prices and improve your experience with baldness.

Does finasteride work? What is it good for.

Yes, according to studies it has proven to be effective in 83% of patients who have been treated with it. So it is a solution for alopecia.

It must be taken for a period of 6 months or more to see results.

It works because it blocks DHT, which is the cause of androgenic alopecia in men due to an elevated testosterone level.

Pros and cons of finasteride 2023

Advantages or benefits of finasteride

  • Helps prevent hair loss.
  • In addition, it helps treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) problems.

Consequences of finasteride. Contraindications and side effects

  • Erection problems.
  • Ejaculation difficulties.
  • Decreased appetite or sexual desire.

Before and after using finasteride

Now, you will see images after using this product.finasteride tratamiento para la alopecia

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