Dutasteride or Dutasterida

What is dutasteride? Definition 2023.

This product is used to prevent the progression of alopecia in men or women. It is also called dutasteride.

How to apply dutasteride? Treatment

Next, we show you how to apply or take dutasteride.

One of the ways is by pills with a dose of 0.5 mg daily. In which the results have been shown 6 months after taking this hair product.

It is also possible by injection. We apply microinjection of dutasteride to patients in hair areas with high rates of hair loss. This method is part of the hair infusion treatment. It is a treatment that hurts almost nothing, since anesthesia is used for the local area. And this treatment lasts about half an hour.

Dutasteride price

20 approximately generic with a total of 30 pills or capsules of 0.5 mg. Annually, it can be very expensive and difficult to maintain financially.

How to buy Dutasteride

You can get it bought at the pharmacy in physical form. But you have to use a prescription to buy it. General or private doctors can prescribe it.
You can also buy it from sites that are authorized to sell this product. Here’s how to buy it at the best price and improve your hair problem.

Does dutasteride work? What is it for.

Yes, this medication is one of the most effective to prevent hair loss. It can be taken both in pills and injections by a trained and experienced doctor. It will benefit the health of our hair, making it thicken and prevent hair baldness.

It works in the same way if we use cream, microinjections or lotions. The important thing is that we apply the product.

Pros and cons of dutasteride 2023

Advantages or benefits of dutasteride

  • Controls hair loss.

Consequences of dutasteride. Contraindications and side effects

  • Erection problems.
  • Hormonal problems.
  • Ejaculation difficulties.
  • Low sexual desire.

Which is better finasteride or dutasteride?

Both drugs block the main cause of hair loss, allowing hair to grow back, although dutasteride is a stronger inhibitor of both enzymes than finasteride, so it effectively blocks DHT. They act as inhibitors by targeting 5 alpha reductase.

Also, in the case of dutasteride or dutasteride, it has a longer life, so in the long term, we will have better results.

Before and after using dutasteride

I am going to show you pictures after the use of this product.dutasteride tratamiento para la alopecia

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