Diffuse Alopecia
Diffuse Alopecia

Diffuse alopecia

What is diffuse alopecia? Definition 2023.

The appearance of diffuse alopecia in our body, or diffuse baldness is a hair loss that is uniformly visible on our head. It begins with a thinning of the hair follicle size, that is, we have less thickness. This process makes the hair thinner and brittle and therefore hair loss is a problem. This is related to some diseases such as conditions and imperfections. In addition to diffuse androgenetic alopecia.

What causes diffuse alopecia?

The cause of this diffuse hair disease that we do not find the way to recover hair, is the generalized hair loss due to certain physical reasons such as those detailed below:

  • Intestinal diseases.
  • Renal insufficiency.
  • Hepatic insufficiency.
  • Stress for various reasons.
  • Drugs and alcohol.

Diffuse alopecia symptoms

The only visible symptom is the loss of hair in the parts of our body as it is a serious condition, which may be temporary for a while and we can reverse this problem by seeking a medical or home treatment.
Always the most advisable is to go to our doctor to study our problem, as there are several reasons to treat it, and thus prevent us from advancing in this disease and get to gain quality in our hair follicles, to have a healthy hair and quality.

Diffuse alopecia treatment 2023

The hair graft, depending on the advanced degree of our baldness or bald head, would be one of the best options if we can no longer recover our hair to make it look as natural as possible. At the same time, any natural or chemical medication could also help us. On the other hand, if our problem is due to stress. The best thing to do is to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist for treatment, who will probably recommend meditation or yoga. In an average of six months in which we have managed to solve the problem, we can recover almost 100% of our lost hair.

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