Areata Alopecia
Areata Alopecia

Areata alopecia

What is alopecia areata? Definition 2023.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease or condition. It is also known as a type of hair loss, which can lead to total or diffuse baldness areata, caused in women and men. Mostly in circular areas such as the body parts of the face, beard, nape of the neck and head. It is also known as telogen effluvium.
Below, you will be able to find the solution to this problem.

What causes alopecia areata?

It can be caused by many factors such as the immune or autoimmune system that mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy hair follicles. As for example dermatitis, psoriasis, vitiligo, etc.
Also in alopeciaareata, we can see causes due to emotional or mental reasons such as anxiety or stress crises. Or infections such as fungal infections.
We can see it in all types of people. In adolescents, children in pediatrics as in infants, in girls or older ages as in women, men, etc.. And in some cases it cures itself if it is a mild areata disappearing symptoms such as white hair, the hair comes back or you are autoimmune. There are also other more severe cases, which are chronic and are not contagious. As the universal or severe areata.

Alopecia areata home treatment

About alopecia areata, we have seen the best results with these home remedies below:

  • Onion set on the part that we are losing hair, so that we ours and penetrate inside the follicles. This way we get a stronger and healthier hair because it makes the blood circulate better in our areas where we have hair or we are losing it.
  • Green tea, you can take it from infusions as well as in pills, as it is more comfortable for you.
  • Biotin (vitamin B7) in your diet, such as oatmeal, avocado, nuts, eggs.

Best alopecia areata treatments 2023

We should look for treatments that give us an immunosuppressive effect. This part is better to have an orientation of our dermatologist. This type of products are the ones that give the best results:

  • Immunotherapy. Applying a solution on the part of our hair to be treated, causing a controlled irritation. Thus, what we get is that our inflammatory cells that have our hair follicles, go to the surface of our skin.
  • Intralesional or topical corticosteroids. Such as medication for alopecia areata such as minoxidil for alopecia areata.
  • Immunosuppressants. They are treatments that help a lot against our alopecia that contain methotrexate, steroids or biological drugs.

What are the symptoms of alopecia areata?

The main symptom is the shedding of round hair without scars, especially on the head. In some mild cases, hair is lost in two or three circles on our scalp and the disease no longer appears, resuming the hair loss that had fallen out.

Types of alopecia areata

  • Common alopecia areata: Also called common alopecia, it occurs when we lose hair in circular shapes. This is one of the most common and least harmful diseases.
  • Alopecia areata totalis: Hair loss affects the entire scalp, resulting in complete baldness.
  • Alopecia areata universal: This condition of universal alopecia will extend to all body hair, such as eyelashes, pubic hair, armpit hair or eyebrows, that is, we have a complete baldness in our body.

How to cure alopecia areata?

The cure for alopecia areata can be treated and the lost hair can be recovered. The best results are oral, topical or osmotic administration, mainly by corticosteroids. And also, hair lotions and shampoos specific for this problem.

Above you have seen pictures of alopecia areata so you can see if it is your case and you can solve it and see your salt or anti jak. You will also see if it is a cause of psychology caused in the front and scarring. It is best that you go to the doctor to diagnose what type and cause has generated this baldness.

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