Alopecia in Men
Alopecia in Men

Alopecia in men

What is alopecia in men? Definition 2023.

Male alopecia is when the male begins to lose hair, mainly on the top of the head for multiple reasons. Mainly in men, it is caused by genetics and testosterone, which is the main hormone in men. It usually starts at male ages between 30 and 40 years old. And rarely, it starts at younger ages, although any other type of baldness can occur.

Men with alopecia begin to have what are known as hollow areas or receding hairlines that develop over the years. In other cases, the light begins at the so-called crown of the head. This process can be more or less stressful depending on the person and can take more or less time to complete.

What causes alopecia in men?

The cause of baldness in men is mainly androgenic or androgenetic alopecia, due to the excessive production of DHT thanks to the production of testosterone in the testicles. It affects almost 80% of the male population.

In addition, it is aggravated with anxiety crises as they see themselves with less and less hair, and make the hair loss more and more pronounced and severe.

Also, we can highlight other rarer options in male baldness:

  • Poor quality food (fried foods, battered foods, bad fats…).
  • Physical or mental illnesses.
  • Not taking enough care of our hair with vitamins or mistreating it.

Alopecia treatment for men 2023

The treatment for male alopecia, it is best to go to a professional to guide us and detail the reason for our hair loss, and give us several less harmful solutions to solve it. On the part of hair aesthetics, we can see the option of laser for hair loss or hair treatments to improve the health of our hair.
As a last resort, in a total baldness, hair transplantation is the last possibility to have hair where it no longer exists. Since it cannot be regenerated for any reason nowadays.

Having a good supplementation such as vitamin C, with foods like lemon or pineapple, will help you not to have a loss in your hair due to iron deficiency, because it makes it absorbed properly.

Also, we can find food rich in folic acid and foods rich in biotin. This will help us to strengthen our hair.

If we follow all these tips above, we will strengthen our hair and prevent hair loss at an early age.

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